Вышитый топ

We are Embroidered Tops Manufacturers ,Экспортеры из Индии – KK моды Экспорт.

We have highly engaged in various types of embroidered tops for casual as well as formal for summer and winter.
We use different kinds of emobroidery as Chikankari, Kantha, Пхулкари, Зардози, Лоскутное одеяло раджастхани, Кашидакари, Ари,Mirror work Every product in our range designed with respect to the client’s choice according to the season and the trend in the industry.

We do Hand / Machine Embroidery and we can customise as per order

We have inhouse production for all kinds of tops in different types of quality like cotton, вискоза, полиэстер, denim, акрил, пашмины, шерсть, denim and blended.
we also use various kinds of net & tussles, Beat work, mirror work & use many more prints.

Please drop in your Email address at our Website and we will send you Images of our latest Collection of our Tops,
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